Friday, December 27, 2013

Being With What Is

The day before Christmas I was making scalloped potatoes using a mandolin slicer.  I sliced my finger.  Just a tiny cut that bled profusely, (not into the potatoes), that I took care of with medicine and a Band-Aid.  I felt like I had to be very careful and protective so it wouldn’t hurt again.   

Life is like this.  Something hurts me emotionally, and I try to protect myself. I try to protect myself by resisting what is, blaming, or making new rules.  For instance, I wanted my finger to heal instantly, I blamed myself for not using the mandolin correctly, and for a short time, I decided to never use the mandolin slicer again.

I also want to tell the story, and I want a listener to feel sorry for me or agree with me.  In the past, I might have told people “Look I sliced my finger!”  and if I didn’t get what I needed I’d tell someone else, and with each telling the story would get bigger – “Look I almost sliced my finger off!”

Four days later I’ve forgotten that tiny cut unless I’m doing something that involves the sliced finger.  Then it hurts. 

Life is like that as well.  I think I’m resolving whatever it was, then something comes up that brings everything back in my face again.

This cut is helping me understand the Buddhist concept of ‘being with what is.”  At the moment of the pain, I can’t resist it, I can only breathe through it, knowing that everything is temporary.  My body is self-repairing.   When I don’t resist, I don’t blame or make new rules or keep telling the story.

As a metaphysician, what do I do while “being with what is?”    Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind “A thought of Love is always healing… “   Yes, I love.  I love myself, my finger, my emotions and even the mandolin slicer. 


God is Love and Love is the greatest healing agent in the universe.  God is all there is which means Love is all there is, so this is who I am – Love made manifest.

I now choose to let my thoughts and feelings rest in Love.  I let Love be my autopilot, moving me constantly back to center.  In the center, I am with what is, always choosing the way to love everything and everyone, including myself, into the highest and best good.

How grateful I am to experience The Divine in so any ways, especially Love.   I now release these words into the Mind and Heart of God, knowing they are so, and so it is.

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Phoenix said...

Hi Angelica,
You were one person that helped me so much when I moved to the west coast. I so appreciate your kindness, logic and practicality. I'm glad I found your blog and have now subscribed.
Love to you!