Friday, June 07, 2013

In and Out of Overwhelm

Wednesday I went to Washington D.C. for the 1st time.  My friend and I visited the Lincoln Memorial first.  I stood in awe of what seemed like a ‘temple’ to the idea of freedom for all.  It was beautiful and sacred. 

We admired the reflecting pool with the Washington Monument at the other end (still in scaffolding being repaired after last year’s earthquake), then walked over to the Vietnam Memorial.  I’ve seen pictures on TV and online, but I wasn’t prepared for how long it was. I saw old men in wheelchairs proudly wearing their uniforms and others my age in tears.  I saw parents or grandparents making rubbings of names and young children looking at all the memorial pieces (pictures, crosses, flowers, etc.) that lay in front of the wall. I could hear conversations between the volunteers who were looking up names for people and what section they would be in, and stories of brothers and fathers.   

With each step I took, I went more and more into overwhelm. This is my generation’s war.  Where was the freedom?  Over 58,000 names are on that wall.  That is incomprehensible.  My mind then jumped to the thought that for every name on that wall there’s at least one Vietcong man, woman or child who also died. Why? Maybe I will never know. Can I let that be OK?

How do I reconcile these feelings with the metaphysical idea that “everything is for the highest good?”

Perhaps this is where Trust comes in.  I can do nothing about what happened in the past.  I can only work for the highest peace NOW.  I can only do that by attaining and maintaining a peaceful consciousness within myself.

It is the same with every situation in our lives.  We can do nothing about the past except let it be.  In this moment, we can forgive and love again.  Forgive and live again.  Forgive and let others live.  We can be compassionate with ourselves and others.  It’s all up to us. 

I now see that the overwhelm of Wednesday moved me into a greater desire to be the very best person I can possibly be – for them, and for all of life.  I come back to the place where all I see is God.    

Gratefully I acknowledge the Presence of The Divine as being in everything, everywhere.  I see It is in war as much as It is in peace.  It is in me no matter what I am feeling.  I choose to recognize and claim that aspect of The Divine that is Love.  This is what God is, and God being all, this is what I am as well.

I forgive myself for my judgmental and war like thoughts. I choose to be more mindful from this moment on.  I stand on a firm foundation of Peace.  I let myself be a center of Love where peace radiates out without limits of any kind. 
I stand for all of humanity experiencing itself as Divine, no matter what we’ve done, and I see us transformation of all that energy of the past into something constructive and peaceful and good.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they are so, and so It is.

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