Friday, May 17, 2013

Call to Prayer

Suddenly the sounds of a helicopter flying low and sirens split the peace of my afternoon.  My housemate and I wondered what was going on.  She went on Facebook and we discovered there was a hazmat threat at a school not too far from us.  Everything turned out all right, but the incident made one thing very clear to me.  One no longer has to wait for the evening news to find out what’s going on anymore.  The ‘news’ is instant and everywhere.

I haven’t watched the news regularly in years.  I knew that if I needed to know about something, someone would tell me.  Now with the internet, I can’t get away from it. I joined Facebook quite a few years ago, and have enjoyed interacting with old and new friends and my peers.  I read great quotes, see wonderful pictures, get inspired by great talks and articles, and learn more about friend’s lives and their families.  Now I have to scroll quickly through instant pictures of bombings, shootings, abused people and animals, political arguments, accusations, threats and constant warnings about hackers, food and our safety to get to the things I like. I found myself wondering if one could get Post Traumatic Stress from the overload of information.

Facebook is almost like a socially approved addiction. One has fun with it at first, then it can get scary. Like any addiction, it is my choice.  I can unfriend people, I can limit my time, or I can choose the way I respond.  I can look at what I’m judging.  Facebook is really a reflective microcosm of the macrocosm.  There are things happening everywhere - it is I who is judging them good or bad. I have to ask myself “What am I focusing on?”     

Perhaps I could, as Dr. Michael Beckwith suggests, consider all that is uncomfortable to me as a Call to Prayer.  Prayer changes consciousness and consciousness creates.


Lifting my self above and beyond the human condition, I declare that we dwell in a consciousness of world that works for everyone. In this world is peace, love, harmony and abundance. In this world we are aware of ourselves as spiritual beings playing in the realms of Infinite Potentiality.

Creative Principle is at work in every facet of our experience. Regardless of appearances, I know we are motivated, empowered and inspired by Divine Intelligence within us. Nothing outside of us can prevent our growth. Nothing outside of us can prevent our conscious awareness that Life is moving through each of us creating more good all the time.  I personally let go of my judgmental nature and allow Life to move through me with ease and grace.

I rejoice as I celebrate our awakening to our spiritual magnificence. I honor the Divine Presence that makes all this possible. I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are already so. And so it is.

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