Sunday, August 30, 2009


I watched an interesting video on YouTube today. It is called “16: Moment”

As I watched, it evoked memories – many different memories. Suddenly I realized it would do that for anyone watching, yet each person would have a different experience of it. Each person would be attracted by different moments in the film, and even if we were attracted to the same moments we would have a different experience of them. The memories that were evoked would be different. This is how we give meaning to things we see in present time – by what we know about things through our memories.

This is the way life works. We are all experiencing a different reality. We are experiencing the same story, but with different content because of the value we have given our memories of our experiences – especially the first time we did anything. We are born, raised from childhood to adulthood, get dressed, fall in love, fall out of love, have jobs, wash dishes, have colds, make love, have arguments, etc. Our lives are basically the same. Jesus, Buddha and Hitler all did the same things. However the meaning we give these experiences is different.

Our lives are made up of little moments. The more I study the Science of Mind, I realize how important each little moment is. It is like our little moments are beads strung on our timeline. Hmm, I just thought of a rosary. Did you know that the rosary has four sets of "Mysteries of the Rosary" - Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious? What if we are the Universes rosary? How would we be prayed? What are our mysteries? OK, I’m getting a little out there – but really, what are the moments of our timeline like? It’s up to us. Are we creating knots or beautiful, translucent beads. (Even sorrow can be beautiful.)

Make some beautiful memories with your little moments today.


We live in an infinite Field of creative potentiality. This Field is God. It has no beginning and no end. No boundaries. It is absolutely everywhere. Within It are both Love and Law. Love points the way to various possibilities and Law makes those possibilities real.
Today I choose to let go of yesterday and see each moment as brand new. This moment right now is fresh and unconditioned by my past. This moment is expanding into the next moment and the next, and I feel the preciousness of all of them.

My eyes are open to see a new reality. My mind is clear. My heart is pure. I choose to experience Love and Light and Joy. I choose to experience the Wisdom within me. I choose a Divine Reality that continually makes all things new. I come to this Reality with the wonder of a child, feeling loved and blessed.

My life is a string of beautiful moments. I am so grateful for this. So grateful to have the awareness to choose wisely. So grateful to be aware of the Power within my word, and grateful for my embodiment of Truth.

I release these words into that Infinite Field, knowing they are so, and so it is.

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