Friday, October 24, 2008


Dee and his grandson, Jayden, decided to carve a pumpkin today. I had read an article about the benefits of pumpkin seeds and decided to clean and roast them. Just for fun I counted them. There were 434 seeds.

How awesome Nature is!! To perpetuate the species, there is an abundance of seeds inside each plant and animal (including us). It really only takes one – or maybe two if one doesn't germinate, but the Universe is lavish in its generosity!

Each of those flat pumpkin seeds has everything within it to become a large plant with many flowers, which in turn can become a pumpkin filled with another 400 or so seeds. And the circle of life continues.

This made me start thinking about those seed thoughts we plant. Within them is everything necessary for their fulfillment… as well as the potential for hundreds of new seed thoughts. And new seed thought propagates even more seed thoughts. And the circle of Life continues.

I think the Universe enjoys and abundant harvest. Makes me really want to be responsible for the type of seeds I am planting!! How about you?


There is That Within Me that is the Source and substance of all that manifests in, through and around me. I am the director of this Energy. I plant the seeds into an Infinite Field of Creative Potentiality, and in this Field is everything necessary for the seeds manifestation.

As I plant my mental seeds, I am setting in motion the Law of Attraction and the Law of Growth. Therefore I celebrate the Wisdom within me to plant good seeds, and know as I plant seeds of love, of peace, of prosperity, of well-being, they immediately began to grow and show up delightfully in my life.

I celebrate an abundant harvest, rejoicing in the way the Law works I speak in Love, and Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible.

I release these words of Truth, grateful I can consciously do so, and so it is.

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