Friday, July 21, 2006

I’ve declared this season to be about PLAY … and to me, this means experiencing the Summer of Joy!

Ramakrishna writes:

“One of the signs of God-realization is joy. There is absolutely no hesitancy in such a person, who is like an ocean in joyous waves. But deep beneath the surface, there is profound silence and peace.”

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? To be able to totally let go of the undercurrents many of us live with? Those currents might be called resentment or sadness or even victimhood. There is an old Yiddish proverb that says "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." As we resonate with Joy, learning to laugh unconditionally, we can do as Norman Cousins did … heal ourselves from all that is ailing us.

I know, I know – life doesn’t look so cheerful right now with bombs and bills and gas prices. We’ve all got our stories. However we can choose to walk the Via Delarosa (the way of sorrow) or we can be the cause of Great Joy. As I celebrated my 58th birthday last Wednesday, I decided that the rest of my life I’m choosing Joy.

Joy and laughter are infectious. Have you ever tried not to laugh when everyone around you is? In the garden of my childhood was a statue of Hotei .. the Laughing Buddha. I loved that statue. His arms were above his head, his face wrinkled in a smile. It is said that he traveled from village to village in 16th century Japan, laughing continuously … his laughter so contagious that everyone would forget their serious questions about enlightenment. His teaching was existential. Hotei wanted everyone to experience the joy that laughter brings as an actual meditation.

Let this be your affirmation this week – not only for yourself, but for all humanity!

"I Am A Gift Of Joy That GOD Gives To A Wonderful World."

Ernest Holmes

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Oh Great Spirit of Joy, fill my heart with laughter!!

I celebrate the Joy of The Divine today, and allow myself to recognize this aspect of my own Being.

Regardless of what is happening around me, I smile and I declare “I am a gift of Joy that God gives to a wonderful world.” I let go of the need to be serious about my spirituality. I let go of the need to be serious about my life and the world. I know I am co-creating everything I am experiencing, so I choose to create more Joy. As I experience more joy in my life, it clears the undercurrents and ripples out to do its cleansing, healing work in places I am not even aware of. The silent peace within me is revealed, and that too is revealed in our world.

How I adore the Spirit of Joy in me! I am so grateful to experience and spread joy and laughter. And So It Is.

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