Sunday, March 19, 2006

Monday I got to ride in Brad McPhee’s new Jaguar. Whoo Hoo! Some of you know that a Jaguar is my dream car so it was a delightful experience. When Brad was bringing me home, as I started to give him directions, he pushed a button on a screen and showed me how the car’s G.P.S. worked. A map of our exact location came to the screen and a woman’s voice told us when we would turn and how far to drive before the turn. Then again, just before we got to each turn, she’d tell us again. It seemed to me that there would be no way one could get lost with this system.

As I marveled at it, I suddenly realized there was a tiny part of me that wished I could just be told what to do at every moment. It seemed like it would make life so much easier if I didn’t always have to be in charge of my life. I quickly got over it, however, as I imagined how dull life would be if all I could do was follow directions and didn’t get to use my mind.

Just as quickly, I also realized, as Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind: “The one seeking to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs should believe in Divine guidance. They should affirm that their mind is continually impressed with the images of right action, and that everything in their life is controlled by love, harmony and peace; that everything they do prospers, and that the Eternal Energy back of all things animates everything which they undertake.”

Ah ha! There is our own GPS - God Provides System J !! With mental maps, images and voice already installed. And in no way do we lose our autonomy. Just like Brad had to program the computer with my address, so we have to choose what we want to experience. The Divine will give us messages from every corner of the universe as to the highest and best methods to fulfill our choices. We have to be still, and listen, and then of course, choose to follow through.

As Dr. Holmes writes: “Let us feel that our purposes are animated and inspired from on high and then let us go forth and make our dream come true in human experience. With an invisible Intelligence to guide, and an immutable Law to direct, let us take our place in any legitimate activity, and thus cause our dreams to come to full fruition.”

Have you activated your GPS today?


The Center of Divine Mind is everywhere, the circumference nowhere. This Mind is infinitely intelligent and everywhere present. I am a point of God-consciousness made manifest right here and now. I am an expression of Truth in action.

I choose to be divinely guided into right action at every moment. Everything I say, do and think is motivated by Truth. I accept only the highest and best desires to be fulfilled through and as me, and there is continuous right action in my affairs at all times. My God Provides System is fully activated!! All my ideas are divine ideas. I do the right thing at the right time in ease and grace.

I am so grateful I can trust the Spirit of Truth within me. I know my word is Law and as I speak this word, all that I need to fulfill it is already here. I release this Treatment with calm confidence that it is so. And so it is.

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