Friday, June 15, 2012

Time is Nothing To God

Sometimes it seems like we pray and pray and what we’re praying for doesn’t manifest.  Dr. Holmes says somewhere in the Science of Mind that Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer)  is an active thing – it doesn’t stop being active until we accept that it is done (or we give up – and then it works by not working).  Time is nothing to God.

Years ago, when in ministerial classes, I went to see the film “Witness.” During the part where the community has come together to build a barn, I ‘saw’ my future Center being built by its congregation.  25 years later it is happening.  I’m no longer the pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living East Hawai’i, but the Vision was active all that time, until the consciousness was ripe for the manifestation.

2 ½ years ago, I told a group of people that I KNEW I was going to meet President Obama.  One of the people, who had been at that party, took both of us downtown this past Tuesday to see the President when he was here in Baltimore.  After his speech, he came down to greet people – as he passed us, I said “Aloha Mr. President” and his eyes lit up as he said “Hey, Aloha!” and shook my hand.

Now, this experience wasn’t exactly as I’d imagined … we didn’t actually get introduced – he doesn’t know my name.  Yet, I did “meet the President” and it gave me Godbumps.

Our prayers are always active, no matter how long it takes.   Here’s another thing:  I didn’t actually ‘pray’ for this to happen – I made a declaration with feeling and intention.  (We might say that an affirmative prayer is a more formalized declaration.)   Our words have power!   It is just as important to listen to what we’re thinking and saying with feeling as it is to put the feeling and intention into our declarations!

If you’ve been praying for something for a long time – don’t give up – TRUST!  (an acronym for TRUST is Totally Rely Upon Spirits Timing). Observe your feelings as you make your declarations.  It takes intention plus feeling to create a demonstration and it takes Trust.


We live in an atmosphere of Love and Law – an infinite field of creative potentiality that is just waiting for us to speak our word with intention and feeling.  This field is Source Energy.  It is everywhere present, including within each of us.

Remembering this, I remind myself that my words have power.  All the Power of the Universe is behind them, so I pay attention to what I am thinking and feeling.  I pay attention to what I believe about my world and the people in it, including myself.

I choose to use the power wisely.  I am the vehicle of The Divine to create greater good everywhere I am.  I create peace, love, prosperity, health and joy in my life, knowing that as I do so, I am uplifting the consciousness of humanity. 

With a grateful heart, I celebrate making a difference by being the difference.
I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are done, and so it is.     

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