Friday, August 08, 2008


The decision to start the Summer Olympics today on 8/8/08 at 8:08 p.m. was no coincidence. The 8 is an auspicious number. The word for eight is "ba" in Mandarin and "baat" in Cantonese, resembling the word for prosperity and abundance.

I only watched the end of the opening ceremony on TV this morning, and I’d like to see the rest, because what I saw was awesome. During a song, there were many women dressed in white making beautiful gestures with their hands. The cameras panned the audience, and most of them were making the same gestures. I finally realized the gestures were of wings of a dove, symbolizing peace. Ahhhh, that made it even more beautiful.

I know there is some controversy surrounding these games, (and when isn’t there controversy at any big or little event?) yet what do we want to focus on?

I am honouring the many athletes from all over the world and supporting the hard work and efforts they have made. I honour the dance that represented peace to me. I will focus on being global citizens, instead of focusing on our differences in culture, ways of governing, etc.

Dr. Ernest Holmes, in his famous “Sermon by the Sea” said “Find me one person who is for something and against nothing, who is redeemed enough not to condemn others out of the burden of his soul, and I will find another savior, another Jesus, another exalted human being.”

That exalted human is us - only we don’t quite believe it yet. We are moving into that understanding. There is a Buddhist saying that says: “If we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.” Whether we know it consciously or not, our soul is on a peace-keeping mission. We can more consciously work with It by consciously using Principle, and doing our Spiritual Practices. Becoming more intimate with The Divine. Remember – right where we are, God is. This is my Truth, and I’m sticking to It!!

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is but One Power – we call It by many names, but It is so much more than that. This One Power resides in every corner of the Universe. Every corner is Its own Self. It resides within me as well.

As I breathe deeply and accept this Truth, I feel all judgment and fear dissipate with my outgoing breath. The Peace I am is now revealed. I feel it within me and all around me. In Peace I celebrate the activities I see in my world – my own and those of others. I know they are all a reflection of my thinking/feeling nature. I am filled with Peace, so I see and experience Peace, and this is good, very good.

I am so grateful for the consciousness of abundance. I know this is an abundance of all good things, including the deep peace of my soul. I am grateful to take responsibility for my part in walking in the right direction, and being an emissary of Peace.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so. And so It is.

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Margaret Ann said...

What beautiful words...truly,they left a artistic and powerful painting in my heart.

Thanks for popping in for a visit on my blog...I must get busy and design some more spirit gourds...Your comments may just have ingnited the spark I needed to do just that!... Thanks!