Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I’ve spoken to a few people this week who’ve had some interesting experiences. (My teacher, Rev. Helen Street, used to say that “interesting” meant “Gee, I hope I live through this!”)

A couple of weeks ago, Judy Bowers gave me the perfect affirmation for these times, and I share it with you today:

“This is the best thing that could have ever happened to me!”

Now I know that’s a hard one when you’re right in the middle of an interesting situation, yet, if we were to come to the experience with this in mind, imagine how quickly we would recover!

Normally when we are in “interesting” situations, we are in reaction. In reaction we shut down – we feel separate. When we use an affirmation like the one above, we move out of reaction and are able to be open to Infinite Intelligence’s guidance as to how to proceed. The guidance is always “Return to your Self.” If we follow the guidance we will find ourselves working through the experience authentically and coming out of it in possession of many blessings.

Dr. Holmes writes “The conscious knowledge that in Divine Mind we are known only as perfection so uplifts the thought that every mental and emotional reaction to circumstances and conditions is improved.”

Our work, through all of our experiences, is the transformation of our consciousness. The situation is in our lives because we accepted it being there. Perhaps we attracted it in the first place to show ourselves where transformation was needed. Then this truly is the best thing that could have ever happened!!

“In your personal transformation is the transformation of the world.” - Deepak Chopra


There is within me a magnificent Mind – Divine Mind. As I allow myself to contemplate It, I recognize It as the Source of my authenticity.
I now declare I no longer live in reaction. I am a co-creator with Life, and I design, create and allow to manifest only good in my life. All that made me feel separate, all that made me feel less than, is now gone from my subjective mind. I know the Truth of my being. I am that I Am.
The perfection of The Divine is my perfection. Divine Life is my life. Divine Mind is my mind. For my conscious awareness of these things I am truly grateful. And so It is.

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